COVID-19 tools by the CSSLab

Members of the Computational Social Science Lab at Penn have used mobility data around COVID-19 to conduct research and build tools to help decision making.

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Data and estimations

These dashboards use public data from Safegraph, the US Census, and Open Data Philly. We do not have individual level data. All the presented statistics and estimates are calculated from these public data sources so we can't guarantee accuracy of any specific values.

Some analysis we provide makes assumptions about population level trends. For example, we estimate how many unvaccinated visitors a particular place is receiving by weighting the number of visitors it receives from each census tract by the percent of vaccinated individuals in that census tract. As a consequence, if someone's willingness to receive a vaccine predicts other differences in behavior our estimates would be incorrect. The data available to us does not allow for a more detailed analysis of these assumptions, so these estimates should only be interpreted as trend level insights.


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